Why Forest School works

Forest School is Outdoor Education that allows children to develop confidence, independence and self-esteem, as well as awareness and knowledge of the natural environment.  This is achieved by setting small achievable tasks so the child is never put in a position where he/she will fail so success is attained. Forest School allows the child to explore the world around him; to spend time seeing how it works and how it relates to him. Most of all, Forest School builds the confidence to explore and learn by completing small achievable tasks within simple, clear and strict boundaries that seem natural to them.

The approach ensures children have the time they need to learn, not only in a lesson or club setting, but over a series of sessions. By instilling a respect and appreciation for the natural world around them, Forest School helps to create natural learners that are comfortable to make important decisions around risk and enquiry.

Forest School is the very epitome of holistic learning. The child can explore and learn with all their senses (perhaps with the exception of taste – no licking!). They can touch, see, smell and hear everything the natural environment has to offer. And they can touch, see, smell and hear whatever they want to for as long as they want to. Fulfilling their inherent desire to learn as much as possible about what is there in front of them.