Stay and Play - Little woodlanders

Woodland Adventure Club started Little Woodlanders as a way to encourage families to share adventures together through imaginative play, storytelling, crafts and a large dollop of squelchy fun!

Research proves how important it is for our children to be interacting with nature and how much they learn from being free to explore and play in the great outdoors. These regular opportunities for hands-on learning in a natural environment will help children grow to in confidence and self-esteem. As children are encouraged to face new challenges their problem solving, social and communication skills will improve. They will become more resilient, more robust and more healthy with all that physical activity, fresh air and immune boosting mud! There are huge benefits to emotional well-being as well, and not just for children but for adults too. 

Most importantly children are allowed to be themselves – to  let their imaginations run wild, to jump in puddles, to squelch in mud, to climb, run, shout and be free!

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Coleshill stay and play